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Personal Training
Personal Training at your home
At-home and Online Personal Training

Looking to lose a few pounds? Get more energy? Maybe your doctor told you need to start exercising but not sure where/how to start? Thought of running a local 5k? Golf game not what it used to be? Have some aches and pains and just assume is age? I can help!!!

I'm a Certified Personal Training specializing in the average person who wants to improve their quality of life. No matter your age or your current physical condition, you can get fit, have more energy, and feel better.

If you'd like me to come to your house to get you in shape, email me.

Hiring a personal trainer not in your budget? Or just don't don't want me coming to your house to train you? That's ok. I also run the website. Check it out to see how much it has to offer for so little money. Many of the features are FREE.
Personal Training online
Business Websites
Business Websites You mean your business isn't on the internet? Or you have a website but all your competitors have a cooler website? It's simple to get your business it's own website, so why wait? For very little money, you can have your own url ( with your business's address, phone number, company information, hours of operation, pictures to get attention, etc. Better than a business card.

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Personal Websites
Ever want to have your own page on the internet? Family pictures... Your own blog... Let us know what you're thinking of. We can help.

You may also be able to make some money on your site. If you have an idea that will attract people to visit your site, you may be able to add banners and links to other shopping sites and they'll pay you when people go from your site to their site and buy something. Even if it's family and friends that click on those ads.

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Personal Websites
Computer Repairs
Computer Repairs Computer not working right? Or not working at all? Don't bring it to a retail store to fix. Notice the name "retail"? They're in business to sell you stuff. Guess what? They're going to say you're computer can't be fixed. Or it can be fixed, but for just a few more dollars, you can buy a shiny new computer.

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Hardware Upgrades
Too many pictures, movies and music on your computer that you're running out of hard disk space? You want to buy one of those new flat, wide screen monitors but don't know what kind? Or you bought one and things just don't look right? Maybe you want to get a better printer, or add a scanner to your home office.

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Computer Hardware
Software Install and Setup
Computer Software Plug and play. Yeah, right. When following the prompts doesn't work as promised, don't call the software's help desk. Once you're finished selecting the options on your phone, and patiently wait you're turn, you'll finally be connected with a person. Now's when the fun begins.

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Virus and Spyware Removal
Let me guess, you were surfing the internet and then suddenly your computer started to run slow or you're getting strange popups on your screen. Or your kids computer is suffering from one or both of these problems (I swear mom, I was just doing my homework and this started to happen). You're computer may have a virus or spyware transferred to it. We can clean up most of these infections and get you up and running again.

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Computer Virus Removal
Wireless Setup
Wireless Need your entire house re-wired. Don't call us. But if you have internet access in your house or business and tired of plugging into the wall, we can set you up to be wireless. Take your laptop or ipod into the kitchen, or bathroom, or any room in your house and never miss a facebook posting. What could be better than that?

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Network Troubleshooting
So Verizon or Cablevision was at your house or business and set you up with internet access. But it stopped working. Or never worked right. You can pay them a fortune to come back and it still may not be any better. Let us take a look at it. You'd be surprised how simple the problem often is.

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Computer Network